Dana Willis is able to get the excellent results his clients expect

Posted by - Admin / September 4th, 2009

In the world of ‘head hunting’ and corporate search, Dana J. Willis has become one of the most sought after persons in the business. In addition to his years of experience in the industry, Dana provides a unique, professional approach to every project that has clients coming back time and again to retain him.

What makes Dana’s approach different from his colleagues is his policy in being totally accountable to each and every client. This means that Dana won’t quit the job until the assignment is fully complete and his clients are happy with the results, and it’s why his clients think of him more as a partner than just as a service provider.

Dana Willis is able to get the excellent results his clients expect because he creates specific goals for each search project and then gives clients regular updates through each stage of the project – from the initial search all the way through placement. This approach gives clients the opportunity to input their ideas along the way, which results in a better outcome in the end. In addition, Dana’s involvement with a project doesn’t end when the successful candidate is found. Instead, he remains with the client until the transition is complete and to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Whether your company is in need of a CEO, senior executive or middle management personnel, Dana Willis provides the same level of professional service regardless of the project specifications.

In today’s cash-strapped economy, corporations must be extremely selective about who they choose to fill vital positions. It can not only affect their bottom lines, but can impact whether the company will pull through the storm or not.


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